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What Are You Doing to Prepare for the 2014 Open?

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Did you know that in the 3 years since HQ introduced the Open...

  • only 14 movements have been used in the WODs
  • 10 of these movements have been included in all 3 opens
  • Snatches and Burpees combined have been weighted to account for 26% of our total score?

Even thought the Open may seem like its 'ages' away right now, chances are once we get past the Christmas Holidays and January first rolls around, its going to feel a hell of a lot closer and sentiments such as

  • "I wish I'd practiced "x" more"
  • "I need more time to work on "y"", or
  • "oh crap, oh crap, oh crap"

Won't be uncommon. No one knows exactly when the Open will start (ok thats a lie, I'm sure HQ knows...), but given the past couple of years its safe to say we probably have about 4 months (give or take a couple of weeks) until the first workouts are released. 4 12 get as ready as possible to take on whatever Castro throws at us.

And what will Castro throw at us? No one can see the future (so far as I'm aware) and we can't read Castro's mind; however it is possible to look back at data collected from the past 3 years and by identifying common trends 'guestimate' what will come up this time around. And this is exactly what some people have done.

If you haven't checked out before, I HIGHLY recommend that you do now (especially if you enjoy geeking out over statistics) because the author has done a really good job at looking back at the past 3 and analyzing what has (or hasn't) come up.

And for those of you who don't want to 'geek out' over statistics, but would rather know what to expect so you can start preparing ASAP the take-away messages I got from the 'CFG Analysis' are listed below

  • Get (really) good at: snatching, burpees, thrusters, pullups and 'shoulder to overhead'
  • be proficient at: double-unders, box jumps, wall-balls and muscle ups
  • What to Expect from the Workouts
    • AMRAPs
    • Olympic Style Barbell movements & body weight gymnastics
    • singlets, couplets and/or triplets 
    • Time domains between 4 & 20 minutes
    • Met-Cons (no 1-rm lifts have come up in the Open since it started)

So what should you do with this information? Well you can do with it whatever you would like, however I would highly recommend getting as good as possible at the movements I listed above over the next couple of months. For now, keep focusing on strength and getting stronger, but once we get closer to the open start hitting those basic-movement, met-con workouts HARD because thats what the Open has been built on over the past 3 years.

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