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Infographic - The Anatomy of a New Fitness Routine

Everyone (even the most die-hard Crossfit/Fitness fanatics) has days when hitting the gym or working out just doesn't seem appealing; which is why sometimes its good to take a step back and look at the basic Do's and Don't's of sticking to your workouts.

Some of the biggest pitfalls we come up against when exercising include

  • setting unrealistic goals
  • going to hard, too soon, or for to long and
  • letting time management (or lack of) get in the way.

BUT do you realize that even little things like

  • forgetting to hydrate properly or
  • neglecting our feet (proper footwear ladies and gentleman) can make a huge impact too?

Check out Vibram FiveFinger's Infographic on 'The Anatomy of a New Fitness Routine' for more interesting facts

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