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13 Things About our 2013 Athletes - Noah Pester

Noah Pester has been involved in the sport of fitness since 2007 and its clearly something he is passionate about because in addition to being a serious athlete he is also  a Coach and Co-Owner at CrossFit Marysville. Noah has consistently placed in the top 10 at Regionals over the past 3 years and in 2011 made it to the Games where he finished 39th (i.e. he's definitely someone to keep an eye on). Just this past weekend Noah and his teammates from CrossFit Marysville took Beast Fest by storm, winning the entire competition and 4 out of 6 events. So all in all, Noah Pester can definitely throw down with the best of them and between training, coaching, being a father and working as a firefighter/paramedic he was still able to find time to answer some quick questions.

1. If you could give one piece advice to yourself when you started out what would it be?

I wish I would have written down all my workouts and lifts then so I could see how far I've come, because I have no idea what I was able to do when I started.

2. What's your favorite type of WOD (metcon, weightlifting ladder, gymnastics-based)

Short met con, lots of gymnastics and Oly work

3. Who inspires you the most (training partner, family member, coach, competitive athlete you look up to...)

Every person who comes into our gym.  We have the best members, and seeing them push it each day fires me up.

4. Do you have any pre-competition rituals/routines (or special socks that you always wear etc).

I always workout chewing blue gum since Ryan Swobody told me about the benefits of chewing gum while working out in 2011 and I made it to the games.

**Hmmm maybe I'll have to give that a try ;)

5. What was your first ever competition?

Sectionals 2010- finished 20th

** So essentially been kicking ass from the very beginning

6. Do you have any embarrassing moments you are willing to share?

I've face planted coming off the rings a few times, but nothing too crazy


7. Whats the worst workout you've ever done?

The beach swim/run from the Games in 2011...running in soft sand sucks

8. Whats your 'cheat food'

Hershey's kisses with almonds

9. Words to Live by/Train by?

"Don't live your life wondering what if..."

 **love that quote/words to train by

10. Do you have any favorite pump-up songs or artists?

...yup, you read that right.  I don't need a bunch of hard music to get me pumped to workout

11. What are your favorite Moment(s) (training or competing) so far?

I have 3:
  1. Taking 2nd at regionals in 2011 and making it to the games
  2. Watching my business partner Ryan Swobody qualify for the games this past year
  3. Seeing a couple of our Masters Athletes, Litsa Olsson and Keith Chrisman qualify for the Games this past year as well

 **that is a whole lot of Games qualifiers right there, wow, clearly they're doing something right at that gym.

12. What do you like to do in your free time?

Anything that my kids want to do

13. Do you believe ******** is for everyone?

I believe ******** is for everyone, but not everyone is for ********.  Some people just don't want to work that hard day in and day out.


Thanks again to Noah Pester for answering all my Questions, good luck with training, and keep chewing that blue gum, it would be amazing to see you in action again at the 2014 Games :).

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