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13 Things About our 2013 Athletes - Lamar Aldridge


Lamar Aldridge

Lamar Aldridge comes from a football background so the concenpt of weightlifting and strength training definitely isn't unfamiliar territory but before finding ******** his training sessions were structured after more bodybuilding type workouts. Currently Lamar trains out of CrossFit FTF, located in Clovis California, where he not only kicks ass in his training but also kicks the asses of his members as he is also a coach. Suffice to say, between training coaching and a Family Lamar is a pretty busy guy, but always finds the time to keep us updated with his training and competition schedule  and answer my (sometimes) unending questions.

So here we go, 13 things about Lamar Aldridge that you may (or may not) know.

1. Who got you into ********?

Mark Miscione coach at Valley CrossFit. I've known him for over 15 years an he was always pushing me to give it a try. One workout an I was hooked!

2. Do you remember your first WOD?

First wod I ever did was fran an it about killed me. Did strict pull-ups an still managed sub 5mins

**I'm a little intimidated now, it took me until this past year to get a sub-5 fran and that was with Buttefly pullups, the idea that someone can do it with strict pullups...blows my mind.

3. Whats the biggest difference you find  between how you see/treat ******** now vs how you did when you started?

The biggest difference is patience. In the beginning I wanted to learn an do everything right away. Now I enjoy the process, don't take competing to serious and try to have fun.

4. What advice would you give to someone who is new to ********?

My advice to  to anyone new would be, have fun, embrace the grind an do not get to upset!

5. Words to Live/Train By?

"When in doubt, workout!"

6. If you could go head to head with one of the big "******** Names" who would you want it to be

Of course Rich Froning! The guy is unbelievable!

7. What (who?) is your favourite 'girl'

Diane. I recently pr'd with a time of 2:28

** if that was with strict HSPU I think I might have to cry haha

8. What type of WOD (met con, heavy, long) do you find you're the best at

Ummm. No preference, I recently have started to enjoy the long chipper wods. Works with my weakness

9. Whats the worst WOD you've had to do? (the one where looking back you're just like I NEVER want to do that one again)

5K run w/ 70 pound sandbag at this past years OC Throwdown! I had the flu which made it even worse! Worst day ever in ********

**..... yea that sounds disgusting....

10. Be honest, do you colour coordinate your training/competing outfits?

No I do not coordinate my outfit. I just grab shorts an whatever ******** shirt is next in the stack ha.

11. Number 1 pump-up song?

Till I Collapse - Eminem

**YES!!! I 100% agree, best workout/pumpup song ever

12. ******** seems to be filled with so many comments that are meant innocently but come out sounding hilariously wrong, any personal favourites that really stick out in your mind?

Snatch is paleo! My wife hates when I wear that shirt!

13. Favourite thing to eat when you're not training or on a 'cheat day'

Cheeze itz or cereal! My weakness but I've gotten better with it.


Well we cant be 'good' all the time, and cheat days are a must (in my mind at least). Lamar's next competition is coming up on September 15th ( The 'Caffeine and Kilos Invitational) so if you're in the area, make sure you check it out! Unfortunately Its a bit a trek for me, but I'll be cheering him on from all the way up here in 'Canadia'.


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