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And That Marks the End of the 2014 Crossfit Open

With the submission officially closed for 14.5, that marks the end of the 2014 Open, and it has been a long 5 weeks for sure. There have been highs and lows for all participants, but no matter where you finished completing the Open is a huge accomplishment and something to be proud of.

Blonyx would like to congratulate all of our customers, wholesalers, ambassadors and athletes for their performances over the past 5 weeks. In particular we would like to take a moment to recognize our sponsored athletes and all the hard work they have put in, not only during the Open but the weeks/months/years that preceded the Open, it definitely showed.


First off, The Blonyx Ladies

Congratulations to Leah Shullenberger of Cannon Crossfit for placing 33rd in the South Central Region and qualifying to compete at Regionals (May 23-25th). Leah placed 19th on both 14.2 and 14.4 with 205 and 190 reps respectively.


Jayde Quilty from Crossfit Squamish had an extremely solid Open performance this year and is ranked 2nd in Canada West and 60th word-wide. Jayde had three third-place finishes (14.2, 14.3 and 14.4) and over the past 5 weeks didn't let a single workout knock her out of the top 10. 


Taryn Romanowhich, Owner & Founder of Crossfit Function, also did very well in this year's Open with an overall 10th place finish in Canada West. Taryn had several solid performances and her best workout was 14.5; which she blasted through in 10 minutes and 35 seconds (placing 7th), awesome job Taryn.

Both Jayde and Taryn qualified to compete at the Canada West Regionals and will be competing at the Richmond Oval the weekend of May 9-11.


And now for the Blonyx Gentlemen

Nate Beveridge from Hybrid Athletics finished the Open ranked 7th on the Canada West leaderboard which qualifies him to compete at Regionals (May 9-11). Nate competed at the Crossfit Games in 2012 and 2013 as part of the Hybrid Athletics team and the past 5 weeks has shown that he has only continued to improve since last summer. Nate's best workout was 14.3 on which he placed 9th with 155 reps, awesome job Nate.


Huge Congrats to Nate Schrader, from Iron Forged Athletics, who placed 5th in the Mid-Atlantic Region and on 14.3 took 3rd Place WORLDWIDE with a score of 182 reps. Nate is a 2-times Games Athlete who is hoping to return to Carson this summer for another chance to compete at the Stub Hub Centre. Nate's Region will be throwing down the weekend of May 23-25th, so make sure you tune in because this will be an exciting Region to watch.


Curt Manning from Crossfit Sherwood Park is currently ranked 18th in Canada West after a solid Open performance and will be competing at Regionals (May 9-11). Curt's best workout was the 14.1 (snatches and double-unders) on which he placed 10th in the Region.  


Travis Mayer from Crossfit Passion, did extremely well over the past 5 weeks  and is currently ranked 3rd in the Southeast Region with two 3rd place finishes (14.2 and 14.3) and one 1st-place finish (14.4). Not only did Travis do well on 14.4, he crushed it and scored 258 reps (1 full round + 58 calories on the rower), and placed 10th worldwide for this workout. Last year Travis competed at the Crossfit Games, and is hoping to return to Carson this summer. The South East Regionals are being held May 9-11, so make sure you mark that date in your Calendar.


Last but certainly not least, Noah Pester (from Crossfit Marysville) finished off the Open ranked 5th and on 14.3 he placed 3rd with 169 rep. Noah has competed at Regionals every year since 2011 and we look forward to watching him this year at the Northwest Regionals (May 16-18).


Awesome job guys, we are super proud of how well you did and honoured to have the privilege to work with such phenomenal athletes. 

Good luck with training and we can't wait to see you throwing down at Regionals against some of the best Crossfit Athletes out there.

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