Welcome to the Blonyx Wholesaler program. This page will give you suggestions on how to get started selling Blonyx in your gym. The steps and resources are based on years of learning from gyms that have succeeded in introducing our products to their members through education of their staff and members. We feel that this combination of awareness raising, promotion and education empowers your members to make their own decisions for the right reason, meaning only those who will benefit from using Blonyx will be using it.


There are TWO very important things you should do as early as you can after the decision to stock Blonyx:

1. Make An Announcement to Your Members and Coaches

Use your usual way of communicating (e.g Facebook, newsletter or blog) with your staff and members to let them know you have decided to stock Blonyx. Let them know your honest reasons and your experiences with the products. Provide them with links and downloads, etc. so they can do their own research on the products too.

Sample Wholesaler Announcements:

Announcement Blog Posts

Announcement Email Samples

Announcement Social Media Posts


PRO TIP: Allow members to reserve the product before it arrives. This gives an impression of potential scarcity and will be a visible indicator of demand that other members will see. It keeps the public conversation going. Click here for a Pre-Order Form.

Looking for help promoting to and educating members, click here.


2. Educate your Coaches and Staff on Blonyx

Make sure your coaches and staff know as much about the products as possible, perhaps even encourage them to try them. Your staff will get questions about the products from members so this is a vital step in ensuring your coaches can answer any questions thrown at them.

PRO TIP: Give your staff cost price on the products to encourage them to use it. You won’t lose any money and will quickly turn them into advocates. You and your staff are the most influential people at your gym and people are always monitoring what supplements they use as guidance.

Looking for more information to educate your coaches and staff? Click here.



Product and brand visibility is one of the best ways to show your endorsement for a product and peak your member's interest. We have designed a number of marketing pieces to help educate your members, raise Blonyx awareness, and serve as a reminder of what you have in stock.

3. Hang the Blonyx Banner

The banner will spark your members' curiosity, get them asking questions and show your endorsement for the product.

See how some other Wholesalers have done it:

4. Make Use of the Posters & Product Cards

High traffic areas, at the point of sales, and where your members hang out are great places to display more detailed information on the Blonyx products. Put the posters on the wall and the product cards out in these busy stops to ensure they get seen. Help your members educate themselves.

PRO TIP: We created a digital version of the Product Cards if you want to share on with your members and coaches or in your social posts.
Find them here: HMB+ Creatine, HMB Sport, Beta-Alanine

5. Display the Product Where Your Members Can See It

Set up your product where it is visible and accessible so it stays top of mind. Members are more likely to buy if they can see what you have in stock and it’s easy for them to ask questions and purchase.

Looking for inspiration? See how others have done it:



By now you should be set up and starting to sell Blonyx to the people that benefit from it the most. Key next steps to success as a wholesaler include keeping the momentum going on educating your members, coaches and promoting to the gym as a whole. Click the links below to take you to the resources you need the most: