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CrossFitters are fast, but not the fastest.

CrossFitters are fast, but not the fastest.

"The greatest at nothing, great at everything."

In no sport does this ring more true than the sport of fitness. CrossFitters pride themselves on being able to tackle any obstacle, on being fit for any task thrown in front of them, and we see this year after year as The CrossFit Games implements new elements. Last year, there were multiple strongman movements incorporated into the five day event, as well as long-distance running and swimming, powerlifting, weightlifting, and gymnastics. 

So how do powerhouse Games athletes like Dan Bailey, Jason Khalipa, and Lindsey Valenzuela compare to elite athletes in these individualized fields of sport? We know our favorites are good at everything, but when we compared them with top athletes, we can't say we were too surprised. Games athletes are more than good in these respected areas, they're great, and they rub elbows with records from some of the greatest of all time.

First up? Games athlete Dan Bailey and four-time Olympic gold medalist sprinter, Michael Johnson.








  Photo: Rogue Fitness