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Improve Your Endurance Performance

Beet-It Sport

Reduces the oxygen cost of training so you can work for longer at a higher intensity

Click below to learn why this simple 70ml shot is widely used in elite sports

HMB Sport

Increases VO2max, improves endurance performance and reduces muscle damage and soreness (Wilson et al. 2013)

HMB has many other athletic benefits too. Click below to find out more

Beta alanine

Helps you to train at a higher intensity for longer by buffering lactic acid build-up in your muscles

Often used by team sport athletes and sprinters, newer research shows it has a significant impact on running performance


Gets water into your system faster using real food sources of electrolytes and carbohydrates

Replenish with ingredients like coconut water, fruit juice and sea salt


Give your body with what it needs to perform on days your diet isn’t perfect

Macronutrients are vital to endurance athletes that regularly stress their metabolic systems

The benefits of using these products together:

Faster recovery

Protection from muscle damage

Increased muscular efficiency and lactic acid buffering

High quality nutrition

Supplementing with real food based products

Blonyx HMB Sport and Beta Alanine have been game changers since adding them to my routine. I can feel a noticeable improvement in my oxygen capacity can train harder, go further - and feel great doing it.

Jenna Nestman
Elite road cyclist, Red Truck team rider