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Become Stronger and More Powerful

HMB+ Creatine

3g HMB and 5g creatine daily will increase strength and power by up to 9% compared to placebo (Wilson et al. 2013, Kredier et al. 2017)

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Beta alanine

Beta alanine increases muscular endurance by buffering lactic acid. You'll be able to do a few more reps, sprint for longer and maintain a higher work rate

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Egg White Protein Isolate

A protein shake that’s far more aligned with the low processed, real food diets athletes should be consuming

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The benefits of using these products together:

Fast recovery

Protection from muscle damage

Adequate protein intake

High muscle phosphocreatine

Everyone we work with expects results. Their supplements need to be clean and they need to be helpful. That’s why we stock Blonyx.

Jesse Bifano
Coach to Justin Medeiros and Owner at Squamish Barbell (home of CrossFit Squamish)