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Recover Faster

HMB+ Creatine

HMB reduces muscle damage from training so you don't need as much recovery time between training sessions

The added creatine will also help increase strength and power

Egg white protein isolate

Give your body the protein you need to repair and recover from a less processed, real food source

A gluten and dairy free alternative that tastes and digest like real food


Replenish carbohydrates, electrolytes and water from real food sources like coconut water, fruit juices and sea salt.

Click below to find out how the latest hydration research was used to develop Hydra+


Staying well nourished ensures your body has what it needs to recover

Made using real-food-derived vitamin and minerals in amounts that will help you perform at your best

The benefit of using these products together:

High quality nutrition

Protection from muscle damage

Less recovery time needed

Carbohydrate as well as protein replenishment

Supplementing with real food based products

Blonyx supplements are a staple in my daily routine. They allow me to push my training to the next level; recovering faster, and training at higher intensities on a more frequent basis

Ilan Cumberbirch
Owner of The Yard Athletics