In a world where supplement companies rely on marketing hype, unregulated claims and overly complex ingredients, we believe that you, as an athlete, deserve more respect.


Our Belief (The "Why")

Lack of supplement industry regulation means it is more profitable for supplement companies to invest time and money in marketing than it is ensuring their products work, or are even safe to take. 

For this reason the industry is saturated with overly marketed products with fancy names and complicated or made up ingredients claiming to improve your performance, despite there being little or usually no high quality and relevant human research to back them up. 

We believe that supplement companies need to clean up their act and start showing more respect to athletes. This means spending more time and money ensuring the ingredients they use are safe and work before they start selling them. It also means being honest and up-front about the science behind their products. 

Our Approach (The “What”)

What we do:

  • Only use ingredients that have a significant number (10+)  published research studies showing that they are safe and work
  • Manufacture at the highest possible quality, matching purity levels used in research studies
  • Make accurate and clear claims on our products (we are licensed in Canada which means we needed to provide research evidence to prove these claims)
  • Be up front and honest on our labels with each tub/bottle being exactly 30d supply
  • Target high calibre competitive athletes who train at the top level in events like the CrossFit Games and the Olympics
  • Treat these athletes with respect by providing education and honest, science backed marketing

What we don't do:

  • Have crazy names like 'beefcake 2000' or 'mass-giant gainer'. They indicate something impossible to achieve with a supplement
  • Have long lists of ingredients you will never have heard of
  • Use additives or preservatives to either make our products taste like strawberry or run through a processing machine quicker. Additives are bad and not needed
  • Use tactics like pricing a bottle below competition but then only making it 15d supply (always read the small print)
  • Sell a supplement that has not been tested on athletes in high quality placebo controlled trials. 
  • Treat you like someone who buys into our hype and doesn't need to know the facts to start popping pills

The result (the “How”)

Our range of products is small because so few supplement ingredients are backed by quality human research studies. In spite of this, our supplements are clean, they work and they are completely safe. The Blonyx brand is one of purity and high quality; one that respects customers by providing them with what they want in a simple and effective manner. 

Supplements should "supplement" a good diet and training program. They should also be safe and have proof that they work. 

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