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Haley Daniels: Chase It

Haley Daniels: Chase It


Haley Daniels: "There's such a beauty in being able to get on the water. You don't have technology with you, you don't have anything else except you, your boat, your paddle in the water.

I had shoulder surgery and I wanted to maintain my muscle and make sure that it was a quicker recovery so that's where Blonyx came in for me.

Our sport is all about going and stopping and going and stopping and finessing your way down the course. We need to be explosive but we also need to stop altogether and use the waters.

I think for prevention of injury, one of the most important things you need to focus on is your core and having a really strong center of balance.

Every day that I choose to sleep in or choose to skip a session, there's someone that can replace me. My goal is to leave a legacy and trailblaze being the first woman's canoeist ever to be in the games but at the same time I don't want to not love the journey.

Recognizing that you really love something to the point where you'll do it where it hurts your body and your mind is telling you no but you're still doing it, that's what athletic ambition is."


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