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Kasper Woolley: No Excuses

Kasper Woolley: No Excuses

Kasper's Favourite Blonyx Products: HMB+ Creatine and Egg White Protein Isolate

Squamish mountain biker Kasper Woolley smashed onto the scene last year after an impressive performance throughout the Crankworx Summer Series.

But in preparations for this upcoming race season, Kasper is currently sidelined with a broken wrist. A common injury for most mountain bikers, but one all too familiar for the 22-year-old breakout athlete. 

At a young age Kasper and his family discovered that he has a pituitary tumor, causing him to have low bone density. This makes it a lot easier to break bones - breaking at least one bone per year since the age of 5, Kasper has said. 

Of course, broken bones and injury are par for the course in mountain biking but it's how Kasper bounces back from them that makes him different. 

To stay at the top of his craft, Kasper began to focus on building strength, aiding the work he was doing in the gym with Blonyx's HMB+ Creatine and Egg White Protein Isolate for recovery. 

"Two main focuses for me are mobility and strength training," said Kasper. "In mountain biking, when you fall your shoulders usually take the majority of the impact. So that's the goal for me, is to build muscle around those areas so that they're not breaking and you're more durable."

Kasper's athletic ambition is to become a world champion. Simple as that.

Watch his full story here.


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