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Athlete of the Month January 2024: Clara Buchinski, Bronte Johnston and Cassidy Donaldson


Why do you do it?

It’s a simple question without a simple answer.

This month, we partnered with three triathletes from the UBC Triathlon Club to answer it: Clara Buchinski, Bronte Johnston and Cassidy Donaldson.



Clara Buchinski: “Triathlon is a sense of familiarity.” 

Bronte Johnston: “A break from everything else in life.”

Clara Buchinski: “It’s easy to be stagnant in your training, and triathlon forces you to become comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Bronte Johnston: “It’s hard to balance everything, but my training is a non-negotiable.”

Cassidy Donaldson: “Even when conditions are bad, I’m still going to train.”

Bronte Johnston: “As a kid, I remember seeing my first Iron Man, and I was amazed at what the human body could do.

Training is hard and by no means glamorous. But it’s who I am, it’s rewarding because running is beautiful.”

Cassidy Donaldson: “One thing I know about myself is I’m the kind of person who’s going to go all in, in everything I do. And I think that attitude of fully committing not only benefits my training but also my mental health.

I want to be this 90-year-old person who’s still doing the sport and still absolutely loving it.”


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