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Infographic - 'A 'non-crossfitters' Guide to Crossfit'

Infographic - 'A 'non-crossfitters' Guide to Crossfit'

Originally this was designed for the Crossfit games (as you can no doubt tell from the title) BUT we figured this was a good time to share it as it can also be used to help 'non-Crossfitters' understand what the..... we are going on about when we start talking Crossfit. Sick of trying to explain what a

  • "thruster"
  • "Goat"
  • "WOD"
  • "AMRAP" or
  • "HSPU" 


Check out this awesome Infographic complete with diagrams/pictures/glossary of terms and make sure to share it with any of your friends/family/coworkers who keep asking you "what "x" is"....