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Creatine and Your Brain, HMB Boosts VO2max and the Firefighter Supplement

Creatine and Your Brain, HMB Boosts VO2max and the Firefighter Supplement

Welcome to our weekly summary of the latest research updates from the world of sports nutrition. 

Train hard!


What Creatine Does to Your Brain 

This review examines the latest research on creatine's impact on the brain -  an area of research that is gaining momentum fast. The researchers concluded that taking creatine can enhance brain function, potentially aiding memory and cognition, particularly in older individuals. It may also help with sleep deprivation, traumatic brain injury, and muscular dystrophy symptoms. While there's promise for alleviating depression and anxiety, more research is needed to confirm these benefits. 

Our thoughts: If you have taken creatine regularly you'll have noticed it can sometimes have an energizing effect, rather like caffeine. This is yet another bonus to regular creatine use. 

Pooled HMB Data Shows Just How Impactful it is on Endurance Performance 


A detailed meta-analysis of studies on β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate (HMB) supplementation for athletes and active individuals found that taking 3g per day HMB for up to 3 months significantly improves endurance performance and V̇O2 max. The review included 11 studies with 279 participants, and the results showed a notable enhancement in both actual performance and physiological measurements after HMB ingestion. The findings suggest that HMB supplementation may be beneficial for individuals looking to enhance their endurance and aerobic capacity.

Our thoughts: HMB is thought to work by reducing muscle damage so that you can train harder and more frequently. These results could simply be the impact of better quality training.   


Creatine Will Improve Your Performance at Work... If You're a Firefighter)


This recent study involving thirty male firefighters, participants took either a combination of whey protein isolate and carbohydrate powder (ProCarb group) or the same combination with an additional 5 grams of creatine (Creatine group) over a 21-26 day period. The study aimed to assess the impact of supplementation on occupation-specific performance. The results showed that the Creatine group experienced a significant reduction in completion time for rescue and forcible entry tests compared to the ProCarb group, suggesting that adding creatine to the diet of career firefighters over a three-week period improved their performance in specific high-intensity, repetitive tasks.

Our thoughts: Creatine is an instant source of energy for muscular contraction. It increases strength and power, so it makes sense that it would help fire fighters with these attributes when needed. Creatine saves lives?  


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