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Beet Juice Staves Off Fatigue, Caffeine Positively Impacts Performance and Taking Collagen Helps You Stay Asleep

Welcome to our weekly summary of the latest research from the world of sports nutrition.

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Soccer Players Taking Beet Juice for a Week Performed Better and Experienced Less Fatigue

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Researchers conducted a study to investigate the impact of drinking beetroot juice on fatigue in soccer players during simulated matches. They conducted a double-blind experiment with 13 players, giving them either beetroot juice or a placebo for seven days. The players then underwent a simulated match, and their neuromuscular performance was assessed before, at halftime, and after. The results showed that compared to the placebo, beetroot juice helped to reduce the decline in muscle strength and activation during the match, suggesting that regular beetroot juice consumption may improve physical performance by decreasing fatigue in both central and peripheral aspects of the neuromuscular system.

Our Thoughts: Our Beet-It Sport Nitrate 400 is used by several Premier League soccer clubs  for exactly the reason outlined in the research.


One Week of Caffeine Supplementation Improved Volleyball Performance

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This study explored the impact of caffeine on the performance of semi-professional women's volleyball players. The researchers had eight participants undergo both caffeine and placebo conditions in a randomized crossover design. In the caffeine condition, players consumed 5 mg/kg of caffeine based on their body weight before training sessions over two weeks. Various physical performance tests, including jumps, handgrips and changes of direction, were conducted along with a well-being assessment through a questionnaire. The results showed that caffeine positively affected physical performance and reduced perceived fatigue during the week of training. The study suggests that caffeine may be beneficial for female athletes, emphasizing the need for further research on women's physical performance and well-being, especially during intense training periods.

Our Thoughts: No wonder Red Bull’s slogan is “Red Bull gives you wings.” Caffeine offers a great performance boost, but it can cause jitters in high doses and negatively impact performance. 


Trouble Sleeping? Taking Collagen May Prevent You from Waking up in the Night (and Improve Cognitive Function) 

Man sleepingIn this study, researchers investigated if a supplement containing glycine-rich collagen peptides could improve sleep quality in physically active men experiencing sleep issues. 13 athletic males with sleep complaints participated in a seven night trial, consuming either the supplement or a placebo before bedtime. Sleep quality was assessed through various measures, including subjective diaries, actigraphy and polysomnography. The results showed that those taking the supplement had fewer awakenings during sleep and better cognitive function the morning after the seventh night compared to the placebo group. However, there were no significant effects on other sleep parameters or measures of sleepiness and fatigue. In conclusion, the collagen peptides supplement didn't impact the quantity or efficiency of sleep but appeared to reduce awakenings and enhance cognitive function in physically active men with sleep complaints.

Our Thoughts: Collagen protein contains high amounts of glycine, which is thought to improve temperature regulation at night, helping you stay asleep and remain comfortable.  


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