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chocolate protein powder

The 5 Best Minimally Processed Protein Supplement Options

The countless hours of work and strain you put on your body have taken a toll, but there’s still miles to go in pursuit of your athletic ambition. So now you need a reliable protein supplement to help repair and build muscle tissues and help you recover, fast. 

The one problem? We all know eating whole foods is better than processed if you’re serious about achieving your athletic goals, yet most protein supplements are highly processed.  

The good news is that there are some protein powders that are simpler, cleaner and less processed than others. 

Here are 5 products that fit the bill:

1. Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate

We have to mention our egg white protein isolate of course, as we developed it to be the least processed protein product we could possibly make. We use a unique but simple filtering technology to remove the sulphur from eggs so that the powder doesn’t have a bad taste to it. This enables us to flavor it using just a few simple, natural ingredients. The result is a chocolate protein powder that provides a full amino acid profile and doesn’t taste like a science lab. It’s a lot like chocolate milk when mixed with just water. 

2. Hemp Yeah! Max Protein Unsweetened 

Containing only two ingredients--hemp and oregano--it’s made by simply grinding pressed hemp seeds into a fine powder that provides the full profile of amino acids. 

3. Plain Nutrition Plain Pea (Unflavoured) 

This one ingredient organic pea powder protein is all natural. It’s made by grinding dried peas, and then chemically removing the starch and fibre.There are no added flavours, sweeteners, or colours and it’s pesticide-free, solvent-free and free of all chemical residue. 

4. Naked Whey 100% Premium Grass-Fed Whey Protein

This protein also contains a single ingredient - whey protein concentrate (the most minimally processed form of whey protein). Naked Whey sources their product from grassfed cows at small dairy farms and manufactures the whey to make sure it doesn’t denature. It does not contain any additives or sweeteners, which many other whey protein products contain.

5. Legion Casein + Protein Powder

This product is a 100% natural micellar casein protein powder. Micellar casein is the by-product of cheese-making and is the least processed version of casein. The milk is sourced from a small dairy farm in Ireland, where the cows spend 95% of their time in the great outdoors. This product contains zero refined sugars, and is sweetened with stevia and sunflower creamer.


Finding what protein option is best for you will of course take some more research on your end. While you’re searching, learn how we created the minimally processed Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate here.



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